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When to Implement an eCommerce ERP Solution-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


Implementing an eCommerce ERP today is one of the most important criteria among traders as; eCommerce business is boon to your trading business but also bane when you have loads of business coming in because to manage all your orders and customers you need to invest in more number of employees or you need a proper tool to manage all your eCommerce products.

eCommerce is very vast today you have loads of options to sell your products via different platforms such as your own eCommerce store, Amazon, eBay, country specific website say for example – Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, (for India) where you can showcase your products and increase your sales.

Just think of it – Managing every platform can be hectic if the number of orders are too many from each and every platform, This become time consuming if you are going to process every order manually printing the packing slips, delivery notes and answering the queries of your customer.

In this article we will shed some lights on Why you need an integrated ERP software and when you must do integration of your eCommerce platforms with an ERP software.

1. When the list of Orders are booming

If you are only selling from few online eCommerce platform with few orders then it is okay to process your orders manually, but there are products which are low in cost and high in volume that can take loads of time to pull orders manually and keep track of everything properly to ensure on time shipment and delivery.

It is better to integrate ERP software with your online eCommerce platform so to ensure you can manage all your orders with one click without wasting more time on processing your orders.

2.  The workforce are getting Bigger and Bigger

Labor cost is another cost that is attached to the products that you are selling. Incase your labor size is increasing it is ultimate that your product cost will also increase. Labor cost increases when you have more number of orders to process including the packaging, shipping and so on. . .

Rather increasing your labor and workforce for Products processing it is better to have integrated ERP software that can reduce your Labor size and increase your profitability with competitive edge.

3. More Errors

If your business is increasing it will tend to increase the sales and maybe there are more errors during packaging, or processing of orders. This can be in the form of duplication of entry, returns management , wrong product delivery and so on . . . To overcome these issue an ERP software can help you to bring in perfect processing of every order including managing of your returns and accounting entries.

4. No proper inventory Management

Management of inventory on different stores can be complicated as a miss can create a loss in sales. Integrated ERP software with eCommerce platform ensure you to manage common inventory with different platform as you manage all your inventory and products from the ERP system which get sync in real time.

  • Advantages of eCommerce ERP software

Integrated ERP software helps you to reduce errors and enhance accuracy with more customer satisfaction and ratings. Following are the list of advantages of eCommerce ERP software

  • Efficiency

An ERP solution integrated with your eCommerce platform offers you with better efficiency from production as well as from CRM point of view. ERP system helps you in understanding the sales pipelines, customers and other aspects of your business.

  • Single software for managing all your eCommerce Platform including Multiple stores.

With ERP solution you can manage all your stores from various platforms such as eBay, Amazon or Magento shop from one single tool. This helps in avoiding multiple logins and save lots of time.

  • Web based functionality

There are many ERP’s nowadays offering you with web based functionality that helps you to manage all your inventories, accounting, sales and other areas with the help of internet connection. This ensure real time data sync specially for orders and inventory management

  • Reduce work load & Workforce

ERP integrated with your multiple online stores can reduce the workload of your employees including workforce which you can utilize for other work in your business. As every area of your online store management is automated you don’t need to do duplication of entries in different systems.

  • An ERP software what else!

An ERP solution not only handles your eCommerce stores or online platforms but also handles every department such as sales management, purchase, Inventory, Financials, Human Resource and almost all department.

  • Better Control and Decision making

An ERP solution integrated with your eCommerce store offers you with better control of your business activities. From few clicks you can create powerful decisions to gain competitive advantage in eCommerce world.

Apart from that there are many other benefits of ERP system which your eCommerce business get after implementing eCommerce ERP. Many eCommerce vendors who implement ERP solutions for their business use it as a separate software although integrated eCommerce solutions offer better efficiency compare to separate ERP solutions. It reduces double entries and minimizes the human interaction.

Benefits of Using eCommerce ERP software

What Globalteckz can offer you ?

At GlobalTeckz we are official Odoo Partners which is one of the leading Open Source ERP software that completely integrates with your Online shop such as Magento, Prestashop, eBay, Amazon etc. Apart from that Odoo also integrates with your shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS or FedEx, Payment gateways such as paypal, and so . .

Our Globalteckz team has developed this module for different countries specially,, and you name it.

For more information you can contact us on

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